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Custom Shirt Tags

Tagless Label Printing

Elevate your brand with Custom Shirt Tags. We offer several options from tag removal and custom tagless labels, to custom shirt tags, sewn-in tags, and hem tags. Custom Shirt Tags give a professional look that is sure to make an impression.
Tagless Label Printing

In this process, we remove the tag from the garment and replace it with a 1-ink color printed tag inside of the neckline of the garment. We offer two options to achieve this effect, a screen-printed tag or a heat pressed tag.

PLEASE NOTE: By Federal Law, all custom printed clothing tags are required to list Country of Origin and Fabric. Full details on these requirements can be found here: Federal Wool & Trade Act
In summary, Tagless Labels are required to list the details below:

• Company Name
• Size
• Fabric Content
• Washing Instructions
• Country of Origin

Additional information may also be added. Many customers add a logo, slogan/tagline, or a website. Other than the FTC Requirements, there are a few other limitations. The garment must have a tear-away label. Some garments already have tagless labels, and we are not able to remove or print over them. The garment must be cotton and/or polyester.

* Minimums are 36 for Heat Pressed Labels and 72 for Screen Printed Labels.